How it all began

Sisi sparkles was inspired by my 4 year old daughter Sienna. Even at the tender age of 4 she knows what she likes and what works! She will never leave the house without matching accessories with her choice of hair band being the primary focus.  This passion to be unique led her to making her own hair bands by adding crystals and beads to existing plain bands. All her friends (and their mums) commented on how great they looked. This was the catalyst to actually start a business that Sienna could have input into, Si Si sparkles was born.

Sisi comes from her nickname and she just loves anything that sparkles. From this initial idea we have developed a range of hair bands that will cater for all occasions (once we are allowed out!) that Sienna has had a big influence on selecting/designing. From luxury Swarovski crystal for that special event, to your everyday hair band, we’ve got you covered.

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